My Lowest Score*

I put an asterisk next to the title because any round that I’ve shot under 80 in the past twenty years has some qualifying circumstances that made that score easier to achieve. I’m just an average golfer so breaking 80 is a nirvanic barrier to try and achieve. On a full blown metropolitan course without any asterisks, the best I have been able to must is 81. Every time I have broken 80, it has been on a shortened course undergoing renovations, or a sand greens course.

I used to play a bit of sand greens golf prior to my kids being born. These courses are all through rural South Australia and I’ve played a number of these in my single life as a beginning teacher. My lowest round was a 76, one day at Wirrabara Golf Club (back when my father and I were on speaking terms). Sand greens or “scrapes” as they are known are quite a bit easier to play on than actual green greens. In fact, there really isn’t much call for a short game besides knowing how to chip and run a seven iron, and there are no bunkers to speak of. Add in the fact that you have year round preferred lies, and the fact that they ran sheep on the course so that the grass was even throughout (sheep don’t discriminate between fairway or rough) means that my 76 isn’t really that amazing. anyway, it is the best score I have had thus far – and I don’t play those country courses any more.

My Lowest Score*

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