Coping With Heat

Just a really quick post here seeing it is New Year’s Day and I’ve been busy doing nothing all day. We have had some seriously hot days of late – I think that 3 out of the last 4 rounds that I have played have been on days when the forecast has been 39 degrees C (102 F) or higher. The key to feeling good all the way round on those days is pretty simple – fluid and lots of it.

I also try to wear lighter coloured clothing and wear a white cap (although finding a decent bucket hat would be a better option) but it’s making sure that liquid is on hand that is key. This summer I have been getting two 750 ml bottles and an extra 1 litre bottle and freezing them half full overnight. I top them up with spring water in the morning just before I leave for the course, and I add in a Powerade just to break things up.

I found out yesterday that the Powerade is a pretty crucial factor for me, as I started to feel a bit heat affected on the seventeenth green. I could really feel the blood pounding in my head as I crouched down to read my putt and all of a sudden, the sunlight seemed to be extra glarey. Because it was only forecast to be 38 (100 F), I thought that two and half litres of cold water would be enough but in hindsight, I think I was wrong. I would normally drink the Powerade towards the end of the front nine as it was not semi-frozen and the cooler bag only keeps things cold for so long. Whatever a sports drink has in it, it obviously gets absorbed pretty fast by the body in a extreme heat situation but it makes the rest of the water last perfectly for the remainder of the round.

Luckily, Grange is not that far from the ocean so usually there is some form of breeze helping to make things more comfortable. I certainly prefer a dry heat to excess humidity and dry is more common here in Adelaide. And keeping the fluids up is going to be a smart idea as I get older as well.

Coping With Heat